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No One Should Face Cancer alone.

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Healing Through Connections

Welcome to Chemo Buddies for Life! We support all cancers, all stages. We are building a strong “Buddies Network” that is healing through connections. 

We believe that those facing cancer should have a buddy; the patient and those who love and support them. 

Our stand is it doesn’t matter what treatment you choose, be it traditional, alternative, adjunctive; just do not do it alone!

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About Chemo Buddies For Life

Charitable Organization

Chemo Buddies 4life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to see no one faces cancer alone. We believe in healing through connections within our buddies’ network.

Supporting Healing

It has been proven that patients suffering from cancer don't often have one-on-one interaction or social situations due to immunity problems and they are often forced to be shut-ins

Global Impact

The Chemo Buddies for Life Community is building the buddies’ network and community throughout the United States and the world.

Volunteer Led

Volunteers are the lifeline of Chemo Buddies 4 Life. They compassionately and generously give of their time, resources and talent.

Donor Sustained

Donors make it possible for Chemo Buddies 4 Life to continue to grow and evolve and serve more people and families.

Everyone Welcome

No matter what type of diagnosis or treatment everyone is welcomed. Men and women. Straight, LGBT all welcome!

No One Should Face Cancer Alone
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